The purpose of this organization shall be:A. To teach the art of skating to all participating in the program.B. To instruct those participating in the fundamentals of ice hockey.C. To instill the necessary attitudes for team spirit and s

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To FYHA parents,
With tryouts now scheduled, I want to send a message regarding how the tryout process works.

Player assignments to tryout groups will be posted on FYHA website ("2016-2017 Season Tryouts" tab) once registration for the 2016-2017 season ends.
All tryouts are held at Franklin's Pirelli Veteran's Skating Arena. Each player will get fully dressed and then check-in at the registration desk near the Zamboni door. The player is then assigned a colored pullover, with a number, to be worn throughout the tryout process. Each player is identified only by color and the number on the pullover (please do not wear any shirts with your names on them).  The numbers are assigned randomly and the colors have no meaning.
The number of on-ice sessions varies by age level. All levels, except Midgets, will have a skills session, with age appropriate drills, and scrimmage sessions. Midget tryouts will solely consist of scrimmages.
If a player misses a session during tryouts, that player will be given no score for that tryout. The player’s scores from the sessions he/she attended will be used and you may request an Absent Player Evaluation form from Program Director Glenn Strier to assess the player’s level for the missed session.  A player who does not participate in tryouts at all will be placed at the discretion of the FYHA Board with input from the player’s coaches. I strongly encourage players attend their assigned tryout sessions.
All players, except for goaltenders, will be judged based on:
-   Skating Ability - speed, pivots, agility, etc.
-   Hockey Skills - puck control, shooting skills, stick-handling skills, passing skills, etc.
-   Game Situational Skills - overall hockey sense, competitive edge, etc. 

Please understand the tryout process has evolved over several years and is not perfect but is comparable to other programs and can be efficiently performed.  Essentially younger players are grade weighted more towards skating skills while older players graded more towards game/scrimmage skills this is to follow development of player.

Team assignments will be made by the FYHA Board based on the results of the tryouts. It is anticipated that team assignments will be announced by mid-May.

Additional details can be found on the Tryout Policy found under 2016-2017 Season Tryouts > Tryout Policy.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you,
James G. Daly
FYHA Vice President